Monday, March 12, 2012

Apollo is Mean- a story of Dojo Abuse

I grew up in Apollo's Dojo, and it was magical. Imagine being a little kid learning how to be a black belt and your sensei has beaten up 100 men and is a movie star and fucks lots of chicks. That's magic. It's real. It shows that martial arts is the key to Kingship in life, to success and winning in life. I could feel that magic. Many of us who trained at Apollos has gotten some magic out of it one way or another. When I was watching some of Apollo's movie trailers on youtube, I saw one of his opponments say, "I fought Apollo and he beat me, he sure is the nicest guy I met". It's true, back in the good old days he was very nice and was freaking awesome. Its as if he was being nice in order to keep good vibes to win his fights- as if he was paranoid that if his vibes were bad- he might lose. There's a lot to learn from Apollo's as his student- Apollo is a movie star and has won 100 fights, for Christs sake. He is pretty kickass. I admired him as a student and he told me I was the best student he's ever had. Well, one day, I took LSD and it gave me ninja powers. I went on the rim of an empty water fountain and did tornado kicks- that rim is only a foot wide- doing tornado kicks (360) on the rim in two clockwork cycles around it is not easy to do. It was crazy man. I also jumped over 6 foot tall statues. I felt power coursing through my body on LSD. I used to do hundreds and hundreds of 360 kicks a day or whenever my friends were watching. It was my trademark kick. Well, on LSD, I drank too much coffee as I had no trip-sitter and it turned my trip to bad, and freaked me out. When I got home my parents caught me freaking out as the trip lasted 3 days over a weekend, tripping all day and night, they took me to a shrink on that fateful monday- where he prescribed me prozac and ritalin- my life changed forever from that shrink- Somehow, my training diminished and I went to the dojo less and less. I didn't even test for my 2nd degree black belt at age 18. I took up smoking ciggarettes, went to art school, and did NOT do marital arts for 7-8 years. Thats a LONG time not to train. It was pretty hard to get by in life without martial arts- I needed martial arts and the discipline to give me the warrior personality I need to make the decisions I want to make- martial arts is the key to success. So, when I graduated, with the stress of schooling gone, I realized that the psychiatric medication was causing problems and that it altered my personality in a way to stop my marital arts- it's horrible. It's my worst nightmare that I lost those 7 years of training- it's sad that my shrink didn't recognize my gift I had on LSD when doing those tornado kicks. My shrink said he didn't like marital arts. That's not professoinal to have an opinion if you don't like it or not. Not professional for a psychiatrist or a counselor. There is NO success in life without marital arts. I swear by it. Well, I went back to Apollo's Karate, hoping to rebuild my warrior personality, to heal. I was trying to heal in the dojo. I needed healing, I needed to be a warrior and build the rock star movie star fighter within me. I had to have it. I had to get that magic again. It was very hard to start all over again. It was like I was a white belt all over again. I trained, ran 10 miles per day from the dojo, that's very hard to do, and wastes extra energy when that energy should be put into doing more kicks/mma. Plus all that running makes the legs sore for kicking. I ran about 20,000 miles in 6 years of fighting, doing 30 fights. Well it was rough. I'll bet it was so freaking easy to win fights if I had those 7 years of training i needed that I missed, I'll bet I could have kicked everyones butts. I did pay the consequences, winning 19 of my fights out of 30, doing 9 ko, 6 sub 2 TKO. I was only KO once, and only subbed once, losing the other 9 fights out of decision. I felt the decisions were never in my favor and the only way to win was to KO my opponment. The judges told me that.
So, it was very, very hard to run 10 miles after training. You have no idea how hard that is, very hard to do, especially every day it is the most bitchiest thing on planet earth to do. It is HELL. I did that for 6 years. It is HELL. it is like Boot Camp training that never stopped. I had only 5 of my fights on media. It was driving me insane. It was freaking me out. It gave me incredible mental anquish to the point of post-trauma, as if I had the side-effects of someone brainwashed from being in a cult group, like, cult abuse. I eventually got 8 more of my fights on media from other people, getting my fights on media up to 13 out of 30. I don't know if Ill ever see those other 17 fights I did ever again. It was incredible hard work and I have nothing to show for it. Its such a shame and a waste. Its one of the meanest thing that Apollos done to me. Its so fucking mean. How super evil that was. Apollo is demonic. This had such a demonic influence in my life that I started to hate Apollo. I worked so hard and didnt get anything out of it. See, not having my fights on tape isnt the only bad thing that happened to me at the dojo- but some of the most brutal, nightmarish thing I have never heard of- and I have read 800 books and that has not prepared my imagination to know, some of the worst thing that can happen to a human being, the horror, the demonology, that has happened to me! I shall not express the details.. but I shall say this, I was poisoned, in a way, that in my 20 visits to the doctor, they could not tell me or help me as to what happened or what is poisoning me- I was in intense burning pain inside my body for 9 months, and It was burning for 24/7 hours all day all night in pain, I could not sleep, and it took years to recover. Before this poisoning I had a KO streak and was winning all my fights until someone poisoned me. I don't believe Apollo did it, but one of his crew- Jameie Harris. She is so ugly, so monstrous, so beastial, so creepy, and yet Apollo likes her. Just because she likes him and karate. OMG. what the fuck ever. What the fuck is there to like about Jameie? UGH. See, Apollo is a King and he knows it. ANd yet he's got this ugly fat unpassable tranny as his "princess". Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? why? Why? Why? Why? How could someone like Apollo, who has fucked over 500 chicks and can do whatever he wants, hires the fat unpassable tranny? why? why not a hot teenage blonde bimbo with big boobs and a nice ass? why not? Why not? Why Not? Whhhy Nooott? ugh. It was Jameie, who would refuse to give me my fights on videotape while she made copies of the other fighter's fights. She would lie to me and tell me that she would give me a copy later. She would have sex with Apollo to get Apollo to "fix" my fights to get me to lose. OMG what the fuck? One day, I tried to experiment with having sex with a fat ugly chick, and well, I couldn't do it. I mean, she was ugly like Jameie, and I was gonna fuck this fat bitch that looked like Jameie, but I couldn't do it. It was sooo gross! It was nasty. Ewwwww. Groooooooosssss!
Well, one day, I was at the B.A. gym, the secret kickboxing gym, which I had to ride the bus to Apollos Karate and from there I ran 3 miles in intense burning Oklahoma heat to the B.A. dojo. I trained with Thomas "Thunderkicks" Longacre and usually for many months we are the only fighters there our size and Id spar with him for hours. Well, Jameie Harris was there, and she got on her knees, and put her head near Apollos cock while he was sitting down and said, "Mr. Cook, I'll give you a Blowjob if you tell the other fighters not to give David a ride". So Apollo got up and said, "Guys, don't give David a ride". Usually, the fighters would give me a partial ride home, to lessen the distance home, like, back to Apollos Karate giving me the 10 mile distance instead of 13 from the B.A. dojo, or in Thunderkicks case, he would give me a ride to a highway intersection that was 6 miles from my home, thus making my run much shorter thanks Thunderkicks.
well that night, after such a brutal hard sparring with Thunderkicks for many hours and also sparred with TNT who was way bigger than me, lol. I ran 13 miles home, making the total 16 miles. It was HELL. I was in intense pain. It took so much out of me. Running 10 miles is hell already. It takes everything out of you to do it. It takes everything. I mean everything out of you. Rivers of sweat pours out of your body. You are aching and in intsense pain. It hurts. It is hard. It is super hard. It is pure brutal.
So, that was a pretty demonic experience. It appears that the fat unpassable tranny, Jameie Harris, has been having sex with Apollo, being a whore and giving him blowjobs in return for Apollo trying to 'fix' my fights and waste my time. Wasting my time, my training and my hard, hard effort. Superhuman effort.
Well, like I said, there's magic in the martial arts game. I decided on a change of pace. In 2005, I went to Las Vegas and trained at Master Toddy's. It was HEAVEN!!! I love Master Toddy's and his entire dojo they are soooo awesome! Very nice. They were very nice and hospitable. Master Toddy would always film his students and when I went into his office, he was making copies of fights for one of his fighters- and was even editing them to make a compilation on DVD. WOW! WOW! He even sells copies of the fights he produces! You can buy copies of the fights on dvd! WOW! wOW! AMAZING! Magic, magic, magic.. heres.. GINA CARANO! Yes, at the sweet tender age of 19, Gina Carano is training at Master Toddy's and she immediately hugged me upon first meeting me. She was so friendly and so sweet and we had a dinner date at the Thai restaurant. I would train with Gina personally, being her personal sparring partner and we'd spar for endless hours. We would train from 6-12 hour a day. It was hard work. Master Toddy was always there to train us, to show us personally how to do traditional muay thai. It was pure heaven! It was awesome. I loved the feel of Gina Carano's kicks into my legs it was pleasure. I loved it when Gina would grab me by my neck, put my face into her boobs, and then knee me. WOw! I was in heaven at Master Toddy's. Everyone there was nice to me. Their trainers are so awesome, their coaches have done 200 fights in the Lumpanee Gym. I trained there for 2months, but I had to leave because I had a court order to get back to Tulsa. It was so sad. I was so sad leaving Master Toddy's. It was heaven on earth. It was the best time I ever had on earth. I was having pure fun. Those were the best days of my life, training with Gina Carano.
Well, I went back to Apollo's Karate, and Apollo seemed to be irritated how bad ass I was after my training at Master Toddy's. He frowned and showed displeasure at my winning a fast 30-second knockout. He wanted to fix my fights thereafter. He got Ace on steroids and Ace beat me on it. I was sick on that fight and shouldn't be fighting, it is illegal for fighters to fight sick as I was. Ace is now dead from drug use. Again, Apollo tries to fix another fight to get me to lose. I was very uncomfortable working out at Apollos and missed Master Toddy's dearly. my morale was very low and I quit after my 30th fight. I had to quit I was poisoned again- but in a different way- it wasn't painful on the inside, but it gave me overactive bladdder- I had to pee, 50-100 times a night, and because the prescription medicines for it gives me emergency side-effects, shallow breathing and rapid heart rate, it says on the warning label if those side-effects happen, one has to call an anbluance. I almost died on the medicaition and did not call an ambulance as it would cost 700 usd. I survived, and I had to endure 6 years of Overactive Bladder. It was hell on earth. Again, Jameie Harris has came up with a plan to prevent me from training, from fighting, and from living a good life- she poisoned me, that fat ugly unpassable tranny, she put something in my drink while Im sparring. So I had to pee, pee, pee, pee so many times, like before I leave the house, I'd have to pee 10-30 times. Before a workout, Id have to pee 30-50 times. and then 30-50 times during a workout. Id' spend all day long going to the bathroom back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, repeititously over and over and over and over and over. Then I had to piss so much to try to sleep, then doze for 5-15 minutes, wake up to pee, sleep for 5-15 minutes wake up to pee, in a routine of 50-100 pisses a night, over and over, every night for 6 years, with NO MERCY, with no medication that can help me safely. So I had to modify my diet to make my stomach stronger, I cannot eat bread, drink beer/coffee/alcohol/soda/high fructrose corn syrup/sweeteners/fungus/peanuts/molds/etc. I have to eat as much vegetables as much as I can and consume high amounts of probiotics to make my stomach stronger. It is getting better, but it is not perfect. I have to be careful, as I had some cocoa, and the ingeredients were fine, it had no high-fructrose corn syrup, but it was processed in a wheat factory, thus it had some wheat in it but not as an ingredient, and it triggered the OAB symptoms, causing me to piss over and over and over. it is hell on earth. It is demonic. Apollo and Jameie are DEMONIC. Apollo used to be the nicest guy his opponments knew after he kicked their butts, but as a student,  APOLLO IS THE MOST DEMONIC MAN I HAVE EVER KNOWN. HE IS SO FUCKING SELFISH AND SO FUCKING SPOILED AND SO CREEPY. ONLY SOMEONE SO CREEPY COULD FUCK FAT UNPASSABLE TRANNY JAMEIE HARRIS. I TRIED TO FUCK A FAT CHICK THAT LOOKED LIKE JAMEIE BUT I COUDN"T DO IT AS IT WAS SO FUCKING GROSS. If Apollo had hired a different chick, like a hotter chick that was youger, blonde, with big boobs, a nice ass, she would be so nice and would do the reverse- she would fuck Apollo to get him to make sure that I win! Geez. I never did anything to deserve these evil things that happened to me. It's just not fair. This is America. We are Americans and we live in freedom. We are not Nazis. we are Americans.

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